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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The History of Metro Ethernet

News Article - 
A lot has happened with Ethernet in service provider networks in the past 10 years. And the Metro Ethernet Forum has been behind a lot of that progress. From promoting and education the industry on the merits of Ethernet in the service provider network, to actually defining carrier-class Ethernet specifications, the MEF has been at the forefront of advances in the technology on a larger-than-enterprise-network scale. Here are the major milestones the MEF has achieved over that time period:


The MEF was formed to develop ubiquitous business services for enterprise users accessed over optical metropolitan networks. The group was founded by Nan Chen, director of product marketing at Atrica, and Ron Young, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Yipes Communications, with 16 initial member companies.
The first technology demonstration of Ethernet services was conducted at the Supercommconference and trade show.

The MEF board expands and Mark Fishburn is appointed chairman. The first MEF specification is published, which is the first formal definition of Ethernet service capabilities in the metro and wide area network.
Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe joins as advisory director. Eight new specifications are published, and the first large multivendor demonstration of Ethernet services is conducted at SuperComm.
The MEF defines "Carrier Ethernet" by specifying standardized business services, and scalability, reliability, quality of service and service management attributes. Included in these are:
• Worldwide services traversing national and global networks
• Access networks to provide availability over fiber, copper, cable, PON and wireless
• Economy of scale from the resulting converged business, residential and wireless networks sharing the same infrastructure and services
MEF also introduces a certification program, publishes three new specifications, conducts a large multivendor demonstration of Carrier Ethernet at the Globalcomm conference and trade show, and unveils the Carrier Ethernet Service Provider of the Year awards for North America, Europe and Asia
Mike Tighe appointed as chairman of the board; Kevin Vachon appointed COO; Expansion of membership to more than 100 members; Expansion of scope from metro to access and wireless networks; Carrier Ethernet attributes further defined; Two new MEF specifications published.
Carrier Ethernet launched in India; 320 systems, 45 equipment manufacturers and 17 service providers certified; Three new MEF specifications published for management, circuit emulation and services testing.
Founding technical chair Bob Klessig retires and Paul Bottorff returns as technical committee co-chair; Expansion of Carrier Ethernet into mobile backhaul networks; Membership exceeds 150.
Membership grows in the Asia Pacific and Carrier Ethernet expands to New Zealand; Ethernet Academy for peer reviewed papers, moderated forums, groups and community launched, and adds live chat, personal web pages and podcasting; 500+ systems, 75 equipment manufacturers, 30 service providers are certified; Thousands of tests conducted, 750+ certifications granted; Industry certification program for Link OA&M unveiled; Service Provider Awards Program launched; introduction of MEF Global Interconnect Program; Multiple technical specifications published; Hosted Ethernet Business Services seminars conducted in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai.   
Ethernet Academy reaches more than 1,000 registered Carrier Ethernet experts; Extended Ethernet to Ethernet (External Network-to-Network Interface) and MEF 7.1 EMS-NMS Ratified

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Yahoo, Facebook and Google to IETF: Where are the IPv6 users?

Today, I was just reading news, I saw this news.... 

"QUEBEC CITY -- Where are the users? That's what popular websites including Yahoo, Google and Facebook are asking the Internet engineering community when they are questioned about their long-range plans to deploy IPv6.
These popular websites -- and tens of thousands of others -- participated in a successful, 24-hour trial of IPv6 on June 8 dubbed World IPv6 Day. Sponsored by the Internet Society, World IPv6 Day was a large-scale experiment designed to test the readiness of IPv6 to replace IPv4, which has been the Internet's main communications protocol since its inception 40 years ago.
The Internet's largest players are providing detailed analysis about their experiences on World IPv6 Day and they are discussing next steps for IPv6 deployment at a meeting of theInternet Engineering Task Force (IETF) being held here this week."
Read here for full article 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IPv4 Addresses is going to Finish Soon...

Hi All, This is to inform you about .. Now we are going to finish IPv4 address pool. Apnic Reached to its last /8 pool for global IP address.
Plz refer the this article for more information -

So now we need to start with IPv6 deployments... to avoid future problems.. 

APNIC is providing many guidelines for IPv6 deployments and same time you can apply for IPv6 address also.. 

This is news article, Which is posted on this blog.. For any issue Plz report with your mail id.. 

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